CCTV to halt danger drivers in roadworks

The Streets Ahead team placing the Cone Cams on a working site in Sheffield.
The Streets Ahead team placing the Cone Cams on a working site in Sheffield.

CCTV is being used to catch motorists who drive dangerously through roadworks in Sheffield.

It follows a string of incidents in which workers were struck or had near misses with vehicles - or subject to verbal abuse, even violence, from drivers.

Signs warning that ‘Cone Cam’ - 24-hour miniature cameras capturing evidence that could be used in prosecutions - is in operation will displayed at roadworks across the city.

The system is designed to encourage motorists to pay attention to road signs during the massive repair programme for Sheffield highways. The Streets Ahead team has recorded 175 incidents of road workers being struck or nearly struck by vehicles.

Director Graeme Symonds said: “It is vital that drivers respect the people who are out there making these improvements to the city’s roads, pavements and streetscene and that means taking notice of the signs, slowing down and not driving into coned off areas.

He added: “We know no-one likes roadworks and we do our best to minimise disruption and delays. We do occasionally need to close roads so that our crews can carry out their work safely and efficiently and unfortunately we are seeing an increasing number of incidents where motorists are putting our teams, and potentially themselves, in a dangerous situation by driving into roadwork sites. We hear of near misses from cars driving through roadworks and of employees subjected to verbal abuse by drivers and this is not acceptable.”