Chance to shape Sheffield's heritage strategy at open workshops

Sheffield people have been invited to help shape a heritage strategy for the city.
Sheffield people have been invited to help shape a heritage strategy for the city.

Sheffield residents have been invited to help shape a heritage strategy for the city.

The Joined Up Heritage group wants the input of those who live and work in Sheffield to help it create a meaningful action plan to better promote the many attractions the city boasts.

Chairman Jon Bradley.

Chairman Jon Bradley.

It has organised a series of workshops where it hopes people will share what heritage means to them, and what they would like to see in the strategy.

Chairman Jon Bradley said: Sheffield’s heritage is something that the people of the city are rightly proud of – the buildings, the places, the history.

"But there’s so much more about the Steel City that needs singing about, and quite frankly needs properly looking after.

We can’t remember the last time so many people involved in the city’s heritage got together to really make a difference.

A Joined Up Heritage meeting.

A Joined Up Heritage meeting.

"There’s great momentum rolling and Joined Up Heritage Sheffield is doing exactly what the group’s title suggests – joining up people active in their communities and organisations to make sure our precious heritage is better looked after, better understood and truly valued.

"We want more people to hook up with what’s special about this great city. These workshops are the chance for you to have your say."

Workshops will take place on January 25 and February 8 at Manor Lodge discovery centre, and on March 1 and 15 at Quaker Meeting House in St James' Street.

They will have the following themes, respectively: economic vitality and tourism, health and wellbeing, cohesion and community pride, and quality heritage environment.

Mr Bradley added: "What’s important for your community’s heritage? What can we do better when we join up together?

"What will it be like when more people know about and enjoy everything the city has to offer about its stories from the past? What about the future?

"What does Sheffield’s unique history mean for our children and young people?

"It’s really important that if you have any interest offering thoughts about any of these questions you come along to these heritage strategy workshops.

"There’s a lot at stake right now and we think that by joining up, by having a heritage strategy for the very first time there will be a really bright future for our heritage and for everyone who enjoys being part of it."

For more on the meetings contact Mr Bradley on 07807 241512 or

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