‘Chaos’ as queues grow again at Sheffield

Tip tailback: Queues of motorists at Blackstock Road, Gleadless.
Tip tailback: Queues of motorists at Blackstock Road, Gleadless.

THESE were the scenes when more than 100 drivers queued to get into a Sheffield tip, even before the city’s bin collections switch to fortnightly.

Tailbacks grew outside the household waste recycling centre on Blackstock Road, Gleadless, yesterday as motorists waited to get in before the opening time of 10am.

The tip has had its opening hours cut by three days a week because of spending cuts at Sheffield Council.

Driver Mick Fidler, of Millhouses, said: “I had a 40-minute wait and it was dangerous really because there was a backlog of about 100 or 200 cars.

“Buses and vans were caught up in the queue - it was chaos.

“It is a bad time of year because people are on holiday, they want to do their gardens and take things to the tip.

“When it goes to fortnightly bin collections it is going to be worse because people will not be able to get rid of as much stuff in their bins.”

Fortnightly bin collections start on Monday. Sheffield Council says it has had to make the change as a result of Government funding cuts.

A spokeswoman for Veolia, Sheffield’s waste contractor, said it apologised for any inconvenience.

“The Blackstock Road centre is one of our most popular and we are experiencing above average demand due to the holiday period. Our staff are working hard to provide support to customers and this is helping to reduce queuing.

“For those customers able to plan their visit, we do tend to receive fewer visitors in the afternoons during summer.”

Veolia reminded residents that, as well as five household waste recycling centres, it operates more than 160 recycling sites.

n For details visit www.veolia.co.uk/sheffield