'Chemical incident' at South Yorkshire school reportedly causing pupils to 'feel ill and develop rash'

Barnsley Academy.
Barnsley Academy.

Pupils have reportedly fallen ill and developed a rash following an incident involving chemicals at a school this afternoon.

Police, hospital staff and fire crews are dealing with the incident this evening at Barnsley Academy in Worsbrough.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that some children had started to feel unwell and were developing a rash.

Students are being kept inside the secondary school building for the time being.

Parents have gathered outside the school gates and it is understood they have been informed about the incident.

A statement on the school's website said: "Due to the presence of the fire brigade on the school site, investigating a possible incident we will need to keep pupils in school for the time being there is no cause for alarm as this is a precautionary reason and we will update you asap.

"All pupils are being well looked after and we are awaiting the Fire Brigade to give us the all clear."

More updates to follow as we get them.