Christian campaigners warn of 'chilling effect' decision to expel Sheffield student for homophobic comments could have

Felix Ngole
Felix Ngole

Campaigners have raised concerns after a devout Christian thrown off a Sheffield University social work course as a result of being accused of posting 'derogatory' comments about homosexuals lost a High Court fight.

Felix Ngole, of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said he was he was lawfully expressing a traditional Christian view and complained that university bosses unfairly stopped him completing a postgraduate degree.


Sheffield university was right to expel social work student for homophobic comments, rules judge

But a judge ruled against him on Friday.

Officials at the Christian Legal Centre, which had backed Mr Ngole, said the decision was wrong and would have a 'chilling' effect.

"The court has ruled that though Mr Ngole is entitled to hold his Biblical views on sexual ethics, he is not entitled to express them," said chief executive Andrea Williams.

"But freedom to believe without freedom of expression is no freedom at all.

"Many views are frequently expressed by students on social media and in other contexts.

"It is the expression of Biblical morality that has been singled out for sanction by the university.

"The university, in investigating Mr Ngole's personal Facebook posts and disciplining him for them, is acting as if they are thought police.

"This ruling will have a chilling effect on Christian students up and down the country who will now understand that their personal social media posts may be investigated for political correctness."

She added: "This ruling flies in the face of the Government's expressed intention to promote free speech at universities."