City firm names avalanche sherpa

A sherpa killed in an avalanche while helping climbers tackle Mount Everest with a Sheffield expedition company has been named as Pasang Karma.

Six guides working with Neepsend-based firm Jagged Globe were caught in the avalanche three quarters of the way up the Khumbu Icefall on Friday morning.

Sherpas from a number of different teams were hit and it believed the final death toll is 12.

Pasang Karma’s body has been flown to Lukla to be met by members of his family from the village of Bupsa.

Of the five other Jagged Globe sherpas involved, Dawa Tashi was airlifted from base camp and is in hospital in Kathmandu. His injuries are less severe than originally thought, though he has suffered a broken scapula and ribs.

The remaining guides have been treated at the HRA clinic at Everest Base Camp for slight lacerations to their heads.

All Jagged Globe team members and leaders were in base camp at the time of the accident.

Company director Tom Briggs said: “Firstly the team at Base Camp and Jagged Globe staff in Nepal and in Sheffield would like to thank everyone who has sent messages of condolence and support over the past 48 hours. It has been reassuring and a great comfort to us.

“Dawa Tashi is still in hospital but he is ‘in good shape considering’ according to one of our team, who visited him this morning,” he added.

A fund has been set up to help the sherpas’ families.

The climbers with the company left Britain at the start of April and were due to complete their adventure by the end of May.

Mr Briggs added: “We have been going to Everest every year since 1993, so we do get people who do it every year.”

The company organises mountaineering expeditions, ski-ing and high altitude treks and moved to their current base in Sheffield in 1995.