Civil war breaks out in city park

Sealed Knot re-enactment at Hillsborough Park
Sealed Knot re-enactment at Hillsborough Park

MORE than 100 members of the Sealed Knot re-enacted battles from the English Civil War in Hillsborough Park.

Roundheads and the Cavaliers clashed in front of around 600 people over Saturday and Sunday, while a living history camp gave a taste of 17th-century life.

Event co-ordinator Wayne Morton, from Lodge Moor, said: “We could have done with a few more people, and it was a bit cold, but on the whole it went fine.

“The people who came really enjoyed themselves.”

Amanda Cassidy, aged 44, of Parson Cross, a musketeer, said: “The battles and living history camps give you a different insight into history that you can’t get from a book. My daughter has been brought up with this and she astounds teachers with her knowledge!”

It was a free event but charity Help for Heroes had a stall – “17th-century soldiers raising money for 21st-century soldiers”.