Clegg slams Labour ‘progress’ in Sheffield Hallam

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg has shrugged off suggestions that Labour is pumping resources into winning his Sheffield Hallam seat at the general election.

The Liberal Democrat leader held the constituency with 53 per cent of the vote in 2010, but opposition strategists reportedly believe he could be vulnerable after his U-turn on tuition fees and the cancellation of a government loan for local firm Sheffield Forgemasters.

Tom Watson, Ed Miliband’s former election coordinator, told The Times Labour’s candidate Oliver Coppard had built up a formidable group of volunteers.

“This seat is winnable for Labour,” Mr Watson said.

“I have never encountered such animosity on the doorstep against an incumbent MP - particularly one as high-profile.”

But a spokesman for Mr Clegg said: “Other than Tom Watson ostentatiously knocking on a couple of doors in Crookes one afternoon, we haven’t seen much evidence of Labour making progress in Sheffield Hallam.

“We look forward to any debate on the doorstep about the mess Labour left the country in and the Liberal Democrats’ record of a stronger economy; a fairer society and tax cuts for low and middle earners in Hallam.”