Cloud Control ditch the Skies

Cloud Control
Cloud Control

Australia’s critically-acclaimed Cloud Control have taken a less ethereal route in their new album, Dream Cave. Lead singer Alister Wright explains the thinking behind their latest release.

“We were rehearsing in these really awful rehearsal rooms, which were damp and covered in mould. And at the time I was getting really into Roy Orbison so I tried to imagine what Roy Orbison would write if he were stuck in a cave for 30 years. That’s what Dream Cave is about and that tied all the songs on the album together.”

The album follows Cloud Control’s highly successful Bliss Release. “Dream Cave is very similar to Bliss Release though we used a lot of demo material on this new album.”

But the band’s launch into music was not without risks.

“We were under a lot of pressure with the first album because I had quit my job and was living off credit cards hoping that it would pay off.”

Wright was working in an architect’s office, producing architectural drawings after finishing his BA in the subject.

But is he now an architect of song instead? “Maybe,” he says, modestly.

Cloud Control play at Bungalows and Bears tonight (Thursday February 20).