Community group prepares for a new chapter for library

Community volunteers in Stannington are gearing up to take over the local library from September 29 – and it will be on their minds at the Stannington gala on Saturday, August 30.

Stannington & District Library Group – one of a number of community groups taking over management from the council – will discuss the library’s future at the gala, from noon to 5pm.

Already is has people to cover finance and administration, building management, information technology, fund-raising and communication.
Chair Jenny van Tinteren said: “We’ve got groups of volunteer library assistants undergoing some intensive training provided by the council, and STAND is helping them pass on what they learn to other volunteers. Obviously the loss of experienced library staff remains a disappointment for everyone who uses the library, but we have two former members of the Sheffield libraries service on our team and they are able to lead this part of the project with confidence and professionalism.”