Container development ships in

Krynkl in Shalesmoor.
Krynkl in Shalesmoor.

An ‘eclectic’ mix of companies are making Sheffield’s highly-anticipated shipping container development their home.

An ‘eclectic’ mix of companies are making Sheffield’s highly-anticipated shipping container development their home.

Krynkl, in Shalesmoor, is now open for business after a series of delays and postponements.

The four-storey building was assembled from 23 metal shipping containers, and is a striking addition to the area.

It is home to a restaurant, a gym, a barber shop, an art gallery and several other businesses.

Fearnie Greaves director Tim Bottrill, who led the project with David Cross of Coda Studios, admitted there had been challenges putting together what is ‘not a normal building’.

“But we are there, and everyone has been massively understanding,” he said.

Among those already open to customers are Joro, a hyper-seasonal restaurant inspired by nature, and Zig Zag Coffee, which roasts its own beans on site.

Each firm has been busy on social media creating a buzz for Krynkl as a whole.

“The whole thing has been very much social media oriented,” said Tim.

“We launched it on social media and it just took off. It just catches people’s attention.”

The nature of the building creates a communal aspect to business.

Tim said: “While Krynkl should be an entity in its own right, its also a platform for other businesses, which is why we have been very keen to get young businesses in here.

“If in two years a business says they are moving, we will help them pack, because we want them to go on and flourish. And then we have an ambassador out there.”

Its location on the edge of Kelham Island puts Krynkl in an area undergoing a mass transformation. The Kelham Island housing development is adding modern homes, and plenty of office space is being created in former industrial buildings.

“There’s an eclectic mixture here and for people like the art gallery that works really well. It’s exposure to a much bigger market.

“Kelham Island is finally reaching its potential. It has always sounded a lot better than it is when you get here. There are some brilliant things down here, but a lot of scraggly buildings knocking about.

“Now with this and the Little Kelham housing development, it’s very much past that tipping point.”

Luke French runs Joro, which opened just before Christmas. Luke admits he was sceptical about Krynkl initially.

“I wasn’t keen when I first heard the idea. But now we are in, it’s excellent,” he said.

“You don’t feel like you are sat on the back of a lorry. It’s what you do with the space.”

Some of Krynkl’s occupants:


Bootcamp gym

Alexander Joshua

Men’s clothing and jewellery

Freshly Squeezed

Events management

Knots ‘n’ Niggles

Sports massage and physio


Estate agent

The Viewing Room

Art gallery