Continuing story of lost opportunities and in recent years gradual run down

Having read the concerns of various like-minded Sheffielders regarding the closure of the Sheffield Tourist Information Office, (a former glass- fronted florists ), I thought it was time to add my tenpennorth.

Monday, 13th November 2017, 4:22 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 9:34 pm

I have known several tourism managers, Keith Cheetham, (who first put ‘heritage’ into the equation), John Healey, (sadly passed away in the summer),Inga, a lovely German lass who I won’t insult by spelling her name incorrectly, and Wendy Uylett.

The history of this organisation has been a sort of nomadic musical chairs with the craziest location at beautiful downtown Bramall Lane, (no slight intended, Blades, but a central city location is surely required).

It’s been a continuing story of lost opportunities and in recent years gradual rundown.

I can’t believe that this facility is being closed to save a paltry £64,000.

This is happening in the year of the highly questionable assertion that Sheffield is on a par with Lisbon and Zurich/Geneva as a European short break.

More importantly and relevantly on December 6 111 Places In Sheffield You Must Not Miss is being published.

Wendy and I and other proud Sheffielders have contributed to this book.

But should I be surprised?

We had our own stately home, the Oakes at Norton, a short-lived airport, the lost opportunity to stake a claim to the Robin Hood legend, (anyone remember the statue at Donny airport?), but no, the lack of imagination and the disdain for heritage that bedevils this city has always limited the aims, ambitions and resources.

This is surely a retrograde step.

Ron Clayton