Controversial bus gate to be closed

A BUS gate at Meadowhead is set to be closed after widespread opposition.

Ruling Liberal Democrats have campaigned against the restrictions just below the Morrison’s superstore on at the approach to Abbey Lane since they were introduced by the previous Labour council four years ago.

They say motorists have complained that traffic queues are longer than before the bus gate and reducing the two lanes to one has added to the problem.

A cabinet highways committee is today expected to approve the reintroduction of the second lane and to remove the bus gate. The council says there should be no significant reduction in priority for Stagecoach buses, which don’t have on-board detection equipment to trigger traffic lights.

Local Lib Dem councillor Simon Clement-Jones said: “Many of my constituents pass through this junction daily and have been incensed by the change put in by Labour back in 2007. It’s great news for them that we have got the council to admit it was a mistake.”