Council allays fears over '˜pollution' of Doncaster beauty spot

Doncaster Council has allayed fears over pollution at a town beauty spot after an oily substance was spotted on the surface of the water.

Monday, 10th December 2018, 11:32 am
Updated Monday, 10th December 2018, 11:35 am
An oily substance was spotted on the surface of the water at Lakeside.

A passer-by raised the alarm after spotting dirty water leaking from a building site near Lakeside and which was creating a scum on the surface.

But after an investigation by Doncaster Council, the authority says the fluid is simply ground water being drained from the construction site where houses are being built.

An oily substance was spotted on the surface of the water at Lakeside.

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The man, who declined to be named and first saw the water flowing from a pipe into the water near the Lakeside 'beach' area last week, said: 'I walk round there two or three times a week and there appeared to be an oily film on the water.

'It didn't look right at all and normally there's plenty of wildlife around that area but there was nothing there at all, which made me wonder if something had driven the birds away.

'I know there's been problems over the summer with alage and fish dying. It is a lovely area and an asset to Doncaster and I don't like to think of it being polluted.'

The alarm was raised after the scum was spotted last week.

Doncaster Council says that the water was simply muddy water being swilled from the construction site.

Assistant Director of Development, Scott Cardwell, said: "It is nothing more than ground water entering the lake from the north shore side.

'This is in the process of being drained away from the nearby construction site which is having houses built on it.

Ground water is being fed into the lake from a pipe on a nearby building site.

'Following this agreed temporary measure, our drainage inspector has attended and found no evidence of oils within the water being discharged, just silt."