Couple stranded in Majorca after 'terrifying' holiday birth ordeal

Charlotte Taylor and Luke Dobson are stranded in Majorca for three months after baby Zeke was born 13 weeks premature.
Charlotte Taylor and Luke Dobson are stranded in Majorca for three months after baby Zeke was born 13 weeks premature.

A South Yorkshire couple are stranded in Majorca for months after their first son was born 13 weeks premature in a 'terrifying' holiday ordeal.

Charlotte Taylor and Luke Dobson were coming to the end of their two-week holiday on the Spanish island when son Zeke decided to make an entry - almost three months ahead of schedule.

Baby Zeke

Baby Zeke

Doctors have said Zeke will not be strong enough to leave hospital until December 28 - at the earliest - which is his actual due date.

As he must weigh two kilograms to fly, Zeke has to double his bodyweight, which could take even longer.

Meanwhile, the couple are stranded in Majorca with no money and no way of earning. While travel insurance covers hotel fees, the couple must pay for everything else.

Charlotte said: "I posted on Facebook that Zeke wanted to see some sunshine a few days before he was born. Perhaps I jinxed it, but maybe he really did.

Baby Zeke

Baby Zeke

"Usually people come home from holiday with gifts, but we'll be coming back with a baby."

Charlotte, aged 22, said she woke up at 11.30pm the night before in 'severe pain' and woke Luke, 20, in a panic to say she was having the baby.

Luke alerted Charlotte's mum and grandmother, who were also staying in the hotel, and an ambulance was called.

But as they were in the resort of Cala Bona, on the opposite side of the island to the main hospital, they had to attend a small community hospital.

Baby Zeke

Baby Zeke

Charlotte said: "We got into this hospital and it was pitch black - it looked like a mental institution in a horror film.

"Everybody was speaking broken English, or in Spanish, so I didn't know what was going on a lot of the time. It was terrifying really."

Baby Zeke was born art 2.03am on October 1 and was taken straight into intensive care. Doctors worked on him for around three hours before confirming he was stable.

"It was a relief that he came through the birth ok," said Charlotte. "But we were sat panicking for hours wondering if he was going to pull through."

After stabilising, Zeke was taken to the main hospital, where he remains.

Charlotte said he is currently 'doing well' but doctors have told them to take 'every day at a time'.

She said: "We can touch him and hold him, but I still haven't been able to hold him yet. Zeke is a little fighter, though, and he is doing well."

The couple, of Doncaster, are currently trying to raise £5,000 to support them in the months while they are away.

Charlotte said: "We have no money for food, we only have a few clothes and our insurance only covers the cost of the hotel. We don't have any money to travel to see Zeke in hospital either.

"Any money people can donate would be really helpful. I would also like to say a massive thank you to everybody who has already donated."

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