Couples are booked in for equal marriages

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Eleven same-sex couples have booked their weddings at Sheffield Town Hall after new laws came into force.

Kyle and Richie Emerson-Wood were the first pair to tie the knot in Sheffield, at midnight on Saturday, March 29, under the equal marriage laws.

And now Sheffield Council has confirmed another 11 couples have booked weddings at Sheffield Register office.

Coun Julie Dore, council leader, said: “Sheffield has a great reputation as a friendly and inclusive city and we have a track record of valuing and embracing our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, which is why we were proud to see Sheffield celebrate its first equal marriage with Kyle and Richie.

“We wish them both a very happy future together. The wedding was such a fantastic celebration of love and equality and I hope it paves the way for many more weddings between same-sex couples in Sheffield.”

Another 18 civil partnerships are booked at the venue.