COURT: Mum-of-four drove car at teenage girl

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

A MUM-of-four who drove her car at a teenage girl in a fit of anger ramming her into a brick wall has narrowly escaped a jail term.

Claire Hutchinson, aged 34, jumped into her Ford Ka and accelerated towards the 17-year-old after the teen rowed with her daughter at a birthday party, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Fiona Swain, prosecuting, said an argument broke out between Hutchinson’s daughter and the other girl at 4.30am on October 22 last year, after the party in Oak Meadows, Eastwood, Rotherham.

Miss Swain said the victim had left but returned with her friend after Hutchinson’s daughter accused her of stealing her bag and her friend’s mobile phone.

She said Hutchinson sped around to the house with her two-year-old son in front of her Ford Ka parking it at an angle in the middle of the road.

An argument followed and the pair started fighting.

A neighbour said the pair were split up by the parent of the girl whose party it was and the teenager shouted at Hutchinson: “I’m not scared of you.”

Hutchinson got into her car, reversed a short way and drove the Ka as fast as she could straight at the 17-year-old, Miss Swain said.

“She hit her, causing her to fall back against a brick wall.”

One witness said she went ‘full blast into the girl’ and another said: “I am 100 per cent it was deliberate and not an accident,”

Another said: “The girl had no chance to get out of the way.”

Miss Swain added: “After the girl had been struck, the defendant stepped out of the car and shouted ‘that’s what you get’.”

The teenager had an injury to her right leg, grazes and scratches to her back.

Hutchinson admitted dangerous driving and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Dermot Hughes, defending Hutchinson, of Central Avenue, East Dene, Rotherham, said: “She got into the car intending to leave. It must be that for a split second, she did lose control.

”The car didn’t travel very far and the girl’s injuries were not serious.

“She has shown sincere remorse and she has been able to understand the distress that she has caused, she being a mother herself.”

Judge Alan Goldsack QC said: “It is fortunate for you that the consequences were not as great as they could have been.”

He gave Hutchinson a 36-week jail term, suspended for two years, 150 hours’ community service and ordered her to attend a women’s project for 10 days. She was also banned from driving for two years and must take an extended test.