Creating a buzz about local produce

Beekeeper Jez Daughtry with daughter Amelie
Beekeeper Jez Daughtry with daughter Amelie

BEEKEEPER Jez Daughtry is hoping to spread the buzz about his lifestyle as part of a new series of courses at Tideswell School of Food.

Jez, who set up Sheffield Honey at Lower Bradfield two years ago, is offering a guided tour of his world – from examining a hive and learning how to use a smoker, to donning a bee suit, removing honeycomb frames for inspection, and identifying types of bees.

He says: “I’ve always enjoyed sharing my passion for beekeeping with others. It’s a chance to take away the misconceptions people have about keeping bees but at the same time understanding the responsibilities.”

Jez had built a successful career in IT, but gave up the high-tech life to pursue his love of bees.

He now runs a successful artisan business, producing local honeys and a range of beeswax products, but also running courses to induct others into his art.

“Working on a project like this with Tideswell School of Food ticks every box for us,” he says.

“It’s a chance for people to experience beekeeping and see where honey comes from, followed by an afternoon with a professional chef tasting the honey rewards.”

He believes more people would keep bees if they had a chance to see for themselves what’s involved: “Events like these are often the first steps in journey as people discover the joy of working with honey bees. For others it’s a one-off life experience – a day to remember either way,” he says.

Tideswell School of Food is working with a range of food producers to run its new series of Culinary Adventures.

These provide visitors with unique field-to-fork cookery activities which also include with fly fishing; chocolate making; milling and baking; foraging; and wine making.

Spokeswoman Kim Wathall said: “We hope our courses will appeal to locals and tourists alike, which will support other local businesses at the same time.” Details:

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