23 years for Sheffield street murder

Daniel Parr
Daniel Parr

A YOUNG murderer will spend at least 23 years behind bars for the “cold-blooded” stabbing of a teenager on a Sheffield street.

Daniel Parr, aged 21, knifed Jamie Stuart four times, once in the heart, as the 19-year-old walked along Holgate Avenue, Parson Cross, on his way home from a birthday party.

His victim was left bleeding to death while Parr fled the scene, bragging to friends about the attack. Jamie died in the Northern General Hospital.

Judge Roger Keen QC told Parr: “Your behaviour was cold-blooded. You were out that night shirtless, wearing gloves, with a knife locked in the open position in your pocket.

“It was there to be used aggressively if necessary. You crossed the road to your victim intending from the start to stab him with it.”

Jailing Parr for life, with the order that he should spend at least 23 years in jail, he added: “You will probably be in prison for many years after the term I have fixed.”

Judge Keen said Parr ‘concocted a pack of lies’ after the killing, claiming he was acting in self-defence. “You have never shown one shred of remorse.”

A jury found Parr guilty of murder by unanimous verdict following a retrial at Sheffield Crown Court.

Parr claimed he carried out the attack in July 2011 because Jamie, of Orchard Close, Ecclesfield, had been involved in a dispute with his cousin, Connor Jessop.

But Judge Keen said: “Your reasons have not been satisfactorily revealed but I’m satisfied that throughout you know exactly what you were doing.”

While awaiting a retrial, Parr called friends from Doncaster Prison, urging them to scare off prosecution witnesses. One witness was so scared she attempted suicide, and wasn’t well enough to appear at the retrial.

After Parr was jailed, his cousin, Ashton Moore, aged 20, of no fixed address, was locked up for six months for taking photos and video footage illegally from the public gallery of Sheffield Crown Court.

Parr, of Broom Close, Rotherham, admitted manslaughter but had denied murder. He also admitted charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and threatening to take revenge.

After the hearing, the family of Jamie Stuart said in a statement: “We are absolutely devastated by the pain and horror in which our son was so brutally taken from our lives. We cannot find peace of mind in anything we do. We do not sleep, eat, or want to.

“We cannot begin to describe the emptiness in our lives without Jamie. The hardest part is that we are never going to see him grow up and that Parr has taken that from us.”

Det Insp Kevin Brown said: “Throughout this investigation Parr has shown no remorse and the comments of the judge clearly reflect this. This is a complete waste of life, something that Jamie’s family and friends will never forget or come to terms with.”

He added: “This incident shows the risks of young people carrying knives. If young people carry knives, incidents like this will occur. I ask that they don’t carry knives and request that families highlight the risks.”