Abusive Sheffield babsitter ‘betrayed family’

Alex Green outside Sheffield Crown Court.
Alex Green outside Sheffield Crown Court.

The mother of a Sheffield schoolboy sexually assaulted by his male babysitter today said she felt betrayed after treating him ‘like a member of the family’.

Alexander Green, aged 31, of Crosspool, was told by a judge he faces a ‘significant period of time’ behind bars after being found guilty of sexually assaulting two school boys in his care.
Green had faced allegations made by four boys but was found not guilty of offences against two.

Alex Green pictured outside Sheffield Crown Court.

Alex Green pictured outside Sheffield Crown Court.

He was found guilty of ten counts of sexually assaulting two children under 13.

The mother of one of his victims today said Green, who looked after one of her sons for several years, was ‘very much part of the family,’.

She said the family trusted Green, who is autistic, and had paid over the odds to employ a babysitter who was professionally qualified and had undergone a Criminal Records Bureau check.

The mum said: “We thought we were being the best parents we could be by employing him to look after our children. He babysat for us for 12 years.

“In court he admitted stroking the bellies of every child he had babysat to relax them and get them to sleep.”

She said: “My son was so fantastically brave in coming forward because he was such a well-loved character in the area.

“He was very much part of the family, and it’s very hard to speak out about people who are close to you.

“His motivation was always to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone other child. He was very fond of him and he didn’t really want to see him punished, he wanted to see him stopped.”

She said the allegations were reported at the beginning of 2014 and it had taken 18 months for the case to come to trial.

She said: “One of the hardest things about this has been seeing Green walking around Sheffield for the last 18 months.

“It has been really incredibly difficult to bear and has upset every member of the family when we have seen him walking about without a care in the world.”

Speaking about the effects on her family, the mum said: “We are a close, big supportive family who looked out for and looked after the children during what has been a very difficult period.

“We have had huge support from friends, family and the organisations we are involved with and nobody has every doubted what our son havs said in our circle.”

Green will be sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court in November.

The mum also urged other victims of child sex abuse to contact police.

She said: “The police have been utterly wonderful – our experience with South Yorkshire Police has been wholly positive.”

The mum added: “They were really professional, highly trained and very supportive.”