Addict sold drugs to fund his habit

Andrew Taylor, jailed for dealing cannabis.
Andrew Taylor, jailed for dealing cannabis.

A DRUG dealer from South Yorkshire who stashed more than £500 worth of cannabis in his garden has been jailed for 16 months.

Andrew Taylor was caught when his home was searched by police, who found the cannabis hidden inside an air compressor.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the former builder was a well-known addict and sold cannabis to customers, as well as taking amphetamines to lose weight.

Elizabeth Martin, prosecuting, said police carried out a search warrant at Taylor’s home, Deightonby Street, Thurnscoe, on Wednesday, March 9.

Ms Martin said just more than 3g of cannabis was found in the kitchen, while 20.8g of amphetamines worth £135 were discovered in a bedroom drawer along with 167 nitrazepam painkiller tablets.

Officers searched the garden and found 141.6g of cannabis resin, valued at more than £566, concealed inside the compressor.

She said more than £2,600 in cash was found in the house and Taylor’s phone was seized. Messages sent by customers requesting drugs were found on the phone, the court heard.

Ms Martin said: “He had been supplying for some time – clearly over a five or six-week period prior to the arrest.”

Taylor, aged 44, had convictions for possessing class B substances and had been jailed twice over drug offences.

Judith Seabourne, mitigating, said he was ‘entrenched in a drug lifestyle’ and suffered from diabetes, depression and neuropathy, caused by damaged nerves.

“He has been self-medicating with cannabis. He resorted to selling to pay for his own drugs.”

She said Taylor, who has a four-year-old daughter, used to be a self-employed builder, but was unable to work because of his ailments and was on benefits.

Taylor admitted possessing cannabis resin with intent to supply, and possessing cannabis and amphetamines.

Sentencing, judge Mr Justice David Foskett said: “This kind of dealing cannot be overlooked by the courts.”