All-night Sheffield booze shop bid

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RESIDENTS of trendy apartments in Sheffield city centre are objecting to plans for an off licence to sell booze until 6am - claiming it will attract drunken partygoers and homeless alcoholics in the early hours.

Husnu Aslan and Mustafa Aytekin, of Handsworth, are planning to open a new store on West Street, opposite the junction with Mappin Street.

They are applying to open the West Street Off Licence seven days a week, between 10am and 6.15am the following morning, with alcohol sales to cease at 6am.

The businessmen say booze would be kept behind the counter and customers would not have direct access to it until they had paid and proved their age.

But three nearby residents have objected to the plans, backed by Central Ward Green Party councillor, Jillian Creasy.

Bobby Basu, who lives at Royal Plaza, on Westfield Terrace, said: “There is already currently an off-licence, Bargain Booze, which attracts vagrants and homeless alcoholics. The frontage of it is a health hazard in the mornings, as it is full of litter including beer empties.

“If this licence is granted then I am afraid it will encourage drunken, anti-social behaviour as well as littering and human soiling, not to mention an area for the vagrant population to congregate.”

Fellow Royal Plaza resident Thomas Kennedy said: “Proposed opening until 6am is going to mean revellers arriving after bars have closed with a likely increase in noise and disturbance to local residents who have to get up in the morning.”

Andrew Goodison, of Smithfield Apartments, on Rockingham Street, added: “I wish to object on the grounds of the possibility of street drinking, prevention of crime and disorder, prevention of public nuisance and public safety.”

Coun Creasy said: “I think the opening hours would be liable to lead to anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance during night-time hours.”

Sheffield Council’s licensing committee will consider the application at a meeting on Thursday.