Amanda Spencer ‘groomed’ her victims, say police

The senior detective overseeing Operation Alphabet – the investigation into Amanda Spencer and her child prostitution pimping ring – today described her as ‘manipulative, calculating and selfish’.

Det Chf Insp Bob Chapman said Spencer effectively ‘groomed’ her victims, acting as their friend initially then turning on them and being violent when they refused to do as she said.

Amanda Spencer

Amanda Spencer

“Amanda Spencer was manipulative, violent, calculating and selfish,” he said. “She will have a long time to reflect on what she has done.”

Operation Alphabet began in 2010 when police began an investigation into young people who were going missing regularly from home.

Det Chf Insp Chapman said inquiries led them Amanda Spencer and those with whom she associated, including Ian Foster.

He said: “Spencer was seen at the time around the Peace Gardens and Castle Markets, befriending girls she knew were vulnerable and getting them to trust her before exploiting them. She knew how to operate under the radar. It has been an extremely long and challenging investigation, and some of the evidence has been horrific.”

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