Anger as Sheffield crime footage is wiped before viewing

Rob Hamid of Manor Park pictured with his Car that was damaged near a police CCTV camera
Rob Hamid of Manor Park pictured with his Car that was damaged near a police CCTV camera

A SHEFFIELD driving school instructor claims yobs have got away with damaging his car - after a CCTV camera which may have caught them in the act was wiped clear before police looked at it.

Rob Hamid, of Beaumont Avenue, Manor Park, said his car was parked a few metres away from a mobile CCTV camera installed by police in a bid to cut crime and anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood.

The 42-year-old father-of-six, who witnessed a group of youths using stones to scratch his paintwork, said he called police the same day to report the vandalism and was assured an officer would review the footage.

However, after repeatedly chasing up the officer tasked with the job, Rob says he has now been told the footage has been wiped.

He now wants an explanation from South Yorkshire Police, claiming the delay has let criminals off the hook.

And Mr Hamid, a driving instructor for 13 years, claims he and his neighbours have been left wondering whether the camera really works.

He said: “I am disappointed those who deliberately damaged my car have got away with it simply because of the amount of time it took the police to look at the camera.

“The police installed the camera to stop trouble because of people hanging around here. “They had the chance to identify some of those involved in incidents but they let them get away - questions need to be asked.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “We are aware of the incident and will be visiting Mr Hamid to discuss the progression of inquiries.”

“We have not received an official complaint, but are reviewing the incident internally.”