Appeal turned down for drivers who killed June

June Bryce-Stephen, who died in a colision on Halifax Road, Sheffield, in Feb 2010
June Bryce-Stephen, who died in a colision on Halifax Road, Sheffield, in Feb 2010

TWO men who killed a Sheffield grandmother as they raced along a city road have been denied permission to appeal against their sentences.

Simon Chevens, aged 42, and Adam Cox, 23, were jailed for a total of 12 years between them for causing a collision which killed 56-year-old support teacher June Bryce-Stephen in March 2010.

Today June’s daughter welcomed the legal ruling - and slammed the pair as ‘scumbags’ and ‘sad examples of human life’.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the men had been speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and following each other bumper to bumper before the fatal collision.

June, a support teacher at Hinde House School in Wincobank, was driving her Nissan Micra along Halifax Road, Wadsley Bridge, when Cox’s Honda Civic ploughed into her. Cox had been racing against a Ford Focus driven by Chevens.

Chevens, of Wood Close, Chapeltown, fled. He later pleaded not guilty to causing death by dangerous driving but was convicted after a trial and jailed for seven years.

Cox, of Oldfield Road, Stannington, admitted the offence and was sentenced to five years behind bars.

The pair asked to appeal against their sentences on the grounds they believe their jail terms are excessive.

But the Court of Appeal refused them permission to pursue their application.

June’s daughter Joanne Capille, from Hillsborough said she pleased.

“I am glad these two sad examples of human life have been refused an appeal,” she said. “They didn’t even get as far as an appeal - the request itself was refused.

“I hope they will now settle down to prison life, accept they have a sentence to serve, and spend their time contemplating the devastation they and others like them cause to innocent victims and families.

“However, I doubt they will. I was hoping to try to move on until these scumbags decided a month after the trial that they were going to appeal.

“Hopefully now this will mean I can certainly move on from all the prosecution stuff - but moving on from the fact my mum died unnecessarily when she was loved and needed so much takes a bit more doing.”

Joanne criticised the pair earlier this year when she was informed of their plan to appeal. At the time the mum-of-one said she was ‘disgusted’ they were trying to get their sentences reduced.

“They chose to do what they did - this was not an accident, it was the result of them choosing to race knowing they were putting lives at risk. You can’t race at 80mph in a 40mph zone.”