Armed raid terror at Dronfield pub

The Hyde Park Inn, Hilltop Road, Dronfield
The Hyde Park Inn, Hilltop Road, Dronfield

A HAMMER-WIELDING robber threatened to kill a terrified man in an early morning armed raid at a pub.

Daniel Tomlinson, aged 21, was looking after his mum’s pub - the Hyde Park Inn, Hilltop Road, Dronfield, Derbyshire, - when he was confronted by a man brandishing a hammer at 4.15am.

He had got up to investigate a noise and came face to face with a robber in the pub office.

Daniel was ordered to lie on the floor with his arms above his head before the menacing raider, who was wearing a face covering, demanded he open the safe.

After clearing it of cash, the robber than frogmarched Daniel through the pub demanding jewellery, valuables and cash from the till.

Daniel’s mother Veronica Tomlinson, who took over running of the pub two years ago, said he had been left ’traumatised’ by the attack.

“As well as ordering him onto the floor with his arms above his head he forced him round the pub looking for all the cash and valuables he could find,” she said.

“He obviously had this very well planned because he had covered up the CCTV cameras with tape.

“He must have been watching us waiting for an opportunity to get in.”

The raid on Monday, came just five weeks after The Victoria public house on Stubley Lane, Dronfield, was robbed in almost identical circumstances sometime between 4am and 6.30am on Tuesday, June 5.

The landlord there woke from his sleep to find an armed robber in his bedroom and demanding cash.

Detectives from Derbyshire Police who are investigating both incidents are using the raids as a reminder to publicans to step up their security.

A Derbyshire Police spokeswoman said they were not linking the incidents.

“The two attacks were similar and we are asking publicans to be aware of what has happened and make sure their properties and properly secured,” she said.

“This type of incident is particulary frightening for the victim and we would urge anyone with information to contact police.

“Any information passed to us will be treated in confidence.

“We would like to advise publicans to remain vigilant and ensure their property is secure at all times.”

The robber involved in the latest incident was wearing a coat with a hood, a white face covering and was of a stocky build.

Veronica said: “My son had heard some noises and thought it was the cats so he went to check what they were doing and that’s when he was confronted.

“Other pub landlords need to be aware that this is happening.”

Anyone with information about either incident is urged to call Derbyshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.