Armed raid terror for shop staff

Masked men armed with a gun and a knife are being hunted by police following a shop robbery in Firth Park.

The two robbers demanded money from two cashiers in Select and Save in Bellhouse Road.

One member of staff was so frightened he took cover behind the counter. A robber pointed a gun at him while his colleague was threatened with a knife.

The robbers left after money was emptied into a bag. A customer who was in the shop at the time escaped unharmed.

Nathan Thackeray, aged 40, who manages the convenience store, said the staff were “very, very shaken up”.

He added: “I feel shocked and worried about the safety of my staff because there seems to have been a spate of these kind of incidents around here. I know of one shop which has been done twice now, and another which has been robbed once.”

CCTV footage of the raid, on Monday at 10.30pm, has been handed to police.