BODELL MURDER TRIAL: Three guilty of killing Sheffield dad

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Two men have been found guilty of murdering Sheffield dad Grant Bodell in a shooting.

Father-of-two Grant Bodell, aged 23, was shot to death in Manor Fields Park, off Queen Mary Road in the Manor, in June 2014.

A jury at Sheffield Crown Court found Marvis Smith, 30, of Park Grange Road, Norfolk Park, guilty of murder by a majority of 11/1.

Brendon McFarlane, 22, of Hyde Park Terrace, Park Hill, was also found guilty of murder by a majority of 11/1.

Stevin Pierre, 25, of Waterslacks Close, Woodhouse, was found guilty of manslaughter by a majority of 10/2.

Torrington Smith, 26, of Samuel Close, Norfolk Park, was found not guilty of both murder and manslaughter.

Jurors were deliberating their verdict for 34 hours and 12 minutes in total.