Body of woman found in Sheffield home

310 Granville Rd,. where a body was found
310 Granville Rd,. where a body was found

POLICE have launched an investigation after the decomposing body of a woman was discovered in a rented house in Sheffield.

Residents on Granville Road, Norfolk Park, said they feared the body - that of a 34-year-old, who has not yet been named - had lain undiscovered ‘for some time’.

Granville Road, Sheffield, where a body was found last night

Granville Road, Sheffield, where a body was found last night

Police immediately cordoned off the terraced property, blocking entry to the garden at the front and back.

The house was sealed and placed under police guard, with two patrol cars parked outside. Forensic experts dressed in white suits carried out a search of the house while officers conducted door-to-door inquiries asking neighbours if they had seen or heard anything.

Neighbours said the rundown, mid-terrace property has been rented out over recent years.

But they believed there had not been any long-term tenants in the property for some time.

One local resident told The Star: “The house has been rented for about three years but it seems to have been empty for a long time. Police told me a body had been found and I got the impression it had been there for some time.”

David Lovell, aged 74, who lives nearby, added: “I was sitting in my front room when I saw the police turn up and they have been to see me to see what I know about who lives there.

“I saw an ambulance come too, with its blue lights on, but it wasn’t here long and it left.

“All I know is they found a body. I saw the people in white suits and there was a crime scene investigation van parked outside.

“It’s a funny house. It’s rented out but you don’t really see anybody there.

“But it’s a shock to see such a lot of police activity close to where you live, and to think that a dead body has been there.”

Yesterday the landlord, who is advertising rooms to rent on a poster displayed in the front window of the house, refused to talk about the death.

“The police know all about it - it is for them to say,” he said.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “The body of a 34-year-old woman was discovered on Monday evening in a property on Granville Road. The death is not thought to be suspicious.

“Detectives are working to establish the circumstances.”

Anyone who has any information about the woman is asked to call South Yorkshire Police on 101 and quote the incident number 872 of June 4.