BREAKING: Owls chairman Mandaric acquitted

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SHEFFIELD Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric has been found ‘not guilty’ of a £600,000 tax dodge over player transfer payments.

The chairman expressed his delight in a statement shortly after being cleared of the charges at Southwark Crown Court today.

“I am delighted to have been cleared of these totally unfounded allegations of tax evasion,” said Mandaric, aged 73.

“It is clear they should have never have been brought to court. I never doubted the truth would prevail nor the fact that the British justice system would come to the right conclusion.

“I came to Britain twelve years ago because of my love of football and have since saved 3 much loved football clubs which were on the brink of extinction.

“As a result I have saved thousands of jobs and paid tens of millions of pounds into the public purse through tax.

“To suggest I would cheat the tax man is highly offensive to me, my family, my associates and friends.

“I am happy that my good name and reputation have been upheld.”

He finished by thanking the football fans for their support throughout the trial.

Mandaric was accused of giving two untaxed ‘offshore bonuses’ totalling over £189,000 to former employee Harry Redknapp. Redknapp, now manager of Tottenham Hotspur, was also cleared of dodging tax on the deposit in his Monaco account.