Brothers jailed for scythe attack on Sheffield uncle

Court report
Court report

Bus passengers watched in horror as a man was attacked with a scythe in daylight in Sheffield.

Victim Simon Collins was attacked in Darnall by his own nephews following a family dispute dating back years.

“In the opinion of some of the passengers the protagonists were trying to kill him,” prosecutor Michael Collins told Sheffield Crown Court.

Martin Collins, 19, and his brother Terry Collins, 18, were each jailed for 40 months after admitting wounding with intent. Pal Charlie Doherty, 23, got nine months for affray.

The court heard there had been ‘ill-feeling’ between the Collins and Doherty clans for some time. Then last September Simon Collins was in a van when his nephews and Doherty appeared in another van.

The vehicles followed each other before Simon Collins rammed the other van, causing his to crash into the bus full of passengers.

CCTV footage showed Martin and Terry Collins then got out of their vehicle and attacked Simon Collins with the wooden end of a scythe, Terry stamping on his chest and head.

Lisa Hardy, defending Terry Collins, said the victim was known as a ‘feared and fearful character’ in Sheffield who had caused antagonism.

Recorder Tim Green said it was an ‘appalling episode of violence’ in public at 2pm.

“Whatever goes on between your families can’t be resolved in this way,” he told the men. “People who witnessed this must have been horrified.”

The Collins brothers both live in Dudley in the West Midlands, after being moved away from Sheffield aged 11 by their mother to keep them out of trouble, the court heard.

Doherty is from Catford, south London, and will be released immediately from jail because of time served.