Burglar left block of flats in Sheffield empty handed


A burglar entered a block of flats in Sheffield intending to steal, then changed his mind and left empty handed, a court heard.

Liam Devere had entered the unoccupied block of flats in Riverside Gardens, Ranmoor, intending to pinch items, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

But despite the 25-year-old’s fingerprints being found on a shower head, he left the building empty handed.

Devere, of Greystones Road, Greystones, Sheffield admitted burglary with intent.

Prosecutor Michael Tooley said builders had left the complex secure on May 19 and when they returned the next day they found five of the flats had been entered.

He said: “One of those flats was number six. It was obvious that someone had been in it and someone, not the defendant, had sprayed foam in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom.

“The shower fittings had been moved from some of the flats, but not number six. The shower head was found on the floor of number six. It was examined for fingerprints and one set matched with the defendant.”

Mr Tooley said Devere admitted that he and his friends had previously gone into the flats to socialise.

Devere has previous convictions for robbery and committing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Ian Goldsack, mitigating, said Devere had no recollection of moving any items, but admitted he went into the building with the intent of stealing.

He added: “He can only think that he picked up the shower head and then thought better of it and left it behind.”

The court heard Devere had been working well with the probation service on a court order and had secured full-time employment at a construction company.

Recorder David Kershaw gave Devere a 12-month community order, with a three month curfew and 60 hours’ unpaid work.

He told him: “It seems like you are learning a lesson.

“It seems like you have complied with the order you are on.”