City centre bar to stay closed on police advice

A BAR in Sheffield city centre must remained closed after police described it as “a danger to patrons and the public”.

Councillors refused to lift a police closure order on Empire in Charter Square.

Supt Martin Hemingway, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “These premises are inadequately run and there is a danger to patrons and the public at large.

“The licensee and managers are incapable of exerting proper control over its activities.

“There has been violence and disorder inside the premises and immediately outside. In several cases this included use of weapons.”

Police closed the bar at Christmas after a series of incidents. It was allowed to reopen but there were further incidents of disorder over the Easter weekend, including a suspected hit-and-run which followed disorder at the premises, police said.

There was also a stabbing and several violent assaults.

The closure order was due to be reviewed on May 12 but the hearing was postponed because of the company’s financial position.

Now councillors have been told that H&J Management has been refinanced and was in a position to ask for its licence to be reactivated and the premises reopened.

But the request was refused. The council said an appeal could be made to magistrates.