Civilian detention worker denies pouring hot water on prisoner’s genitals

Detention officer Adrian Law
Detention officer Adrian Law

A SOUTH Yorkshire detention officer has gone on trial accused of pouring hot water over the genitals of a man as he lay in a police cell wearing just boxer shorts.

Leeds Crown Court heard Adrian Law, aged 45, a civilian detention officer at Barnsley Police Station, emptied a plastic cup of nearly boiling water over 26-year-old Kuwaiti man Abdul Alfadley.

Law, of Cromwell Court, Goldthorpe, Barnsley, was caught on CCTV in the early hours of May 30 last year, putting his hand carrying a cup through the cell hatch.

The prosecution allege Law had filled the cup with hot water from a boiler in the kitchen before deliberately pouring it over the prisoner, scalding his stomach and genitals. The court was shown pictures of Mr Alfadley’s blistered and reddened skin.

The court heard Mr Alfadley had been arrested for public order offences and was “agitated and obstructive” at the police station. He was strip-searched and left in his underwear when he was locked in his cell, where he started banging the door.

Speaking through an interpreter, Mr Alfadley told the court the cell hatch opened and he saw “a white hand carrying a cup”.

“Then he poured it on my body,” he said. “I think he had seen me where I was sitting and he meant to pour the water.

“My body was burnt and the skin came out and became very red and I thought I had lost my sexuality and was no longer a man.”

Jeremy Hill Baker, prosecuting, said Mr Alfadley “screamed in pain” and tried to wet his boxer shorts with cold water from his cell.

But the court heard the water to Alfadley’s cell was turned off while he was splashing his shorts - and a nurse was called one-and-a-half hours later. A later check of the water in the boiler revealed it was 94.7C.

Law, who denies causing grievous bodily harm with intent, said in a statement he had got the complainant a cup of cold water and, as he reached into the cell to hand it over, Alfadley “twisted violently and flipped the cup”, knocking out the contents.

He denied any water came into contact with Mr Alfadley.

Law said when he looked back in at Alfadley he saw him “rubbing himself vigorously” and pouring water on himself.

The trial continues.