Crack den drug dealers jailed

Michael Martin
Michael Martin

TWO drug dealers who ran a crack house in Sheffield have been locked up for a total of more than a decade.

Darren Grantham, aged 28, and Michael Martin, 25, sold crack cocaine from a drugs house on Leppings Lane.

Darren Grantham

Darren Grantham

Both men lived at the house and sold drugs in the property and on the street, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The commercial operation was run using a network of mobile phones, as well as a call box on Leppings Lane.

The men also distributed business cards with one of their phone numbers printed on it.

Police found £865 among Martin’s possessions.

Grantham, who pleaded guilty to supplying drugs, was sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment.

Simon Batiste, defending Grantham, said he had come off the rails after the death of his father 18 months ago.

The father-of-one started drinking and then taking drugs.

Mr Batiste said: “He went into a downward spiral and got to the position where he couldn’t support his drug habit.

“He was living in the rather grotty bedsit on Leppings Lane and selling drugs to support his habit.”

Mr Batiste described Grantham as the ‘lackey’ and ‘skivvy’ who sold the drugs on the street.

Martin, who recently entered the UK from his home country of Jamaica, was jailed for six years after a trial which ended on August 3.

Judge Robert Moore placed the two men on the same level in the drug operation’s hierarchy, but gave Grantham a shorter jail term for his guilty plea.

A third man was seen as the link to people who were controlling the operation from outside the house. He was deported soon after his arrest.

Judge Moore said if he had been dealt with at court he would have received a seven- and-a-half-year sentence.

The judge said: “There was a significant crack cocaine selling operation going on from a house in Leppings Lane.

“It was probably controlled from outside the operation. A third man was the link to the outside influence, and was deported after he was arrested.

“It was run with a network of mobile telephones as well as a call box on Leppings Lane.”