EXCLUSIVE: Sheffield rape victim’s horrific abuse at hands of man she loved...

Danielle Elliott waives anonimity
Danielle Elliott waives anonimity

A BRAVE domestic violence victim who was raped and battered repeatedly by her partner has waived her anonymity to tell her horrific story - as her attacker today begins a jail term of 10-and-a-half years.

Michael Jack Dennett, aged 24, was described in court by his own barrister as a ‘danger to women’.

He was locked up for a catalogue of crimes against Danielle Elliott, whom he beat repeatedly and put in hospital during their 12 month relationship.

Even as the mum-of-two lay sick in bed with a black eye, he raped her - telling her it was ‘his right’.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, Danielle said: “I am so pleased with the 10-year sentence and want to tell other women in the same position as me to be brave, don’t be afraid.

“There is proper support out there - contact the police.

“I am so glad I have seen it through. Now he is prison where he belongs. He can’t hurt me and he can’t hurt anyone else.”

Sentencing Dennett for rape, sexual assault, actual bodily harm, criminal damage, and perverting the course of justice, Judge Jeremy Baker QC told him: “You became increasingly controlling, abusive and violent.

“You called her vile names, you told her what clothes she could wear and who she could see, and you subjected her to physical and sexual violence.”

Judge Baker said, after one series of beatings, Dennett rang 31-year-old Danielle and asked her to come home, promising he’d never hurt her again.

Instead she returned to find he had ripped up her clothes.

“Then you sexually assaulted her, accused her of being with another man, and threatened her while kicking her repeatedly in the back,” the judge said.

“The next morning she fled the house.”

Danielle has been diagnosed with post traumatic shock disorder and has nightmares.

“I can’t go out alone and I am scared,” Danielle told the court in a victim impact statement. “I’m doing this to show my girls this isn’t right.”

Dennett, of Wybourn House Road, Wybourn, Sheffield, was banned from ever contacting Danielle or her daughters again. After his release he will be on extended licence for five years.

He was also made subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention order and, to protect future victims, must inform police within seven days if he ever forms a sexual relationship with a woman again.

After the hearing DC Joe Chappell said: “Danielle has been very brave. It is understandably difficult for people in domestic violence cases to come forward. 
“I am delighted the courts have taken this so seriously and provided some kind of safety net for others, as and when Dennett is released.

“I hope this case gives other victims of domestic violence the strength to come forward.”