Fake GP targeted families in 34-year double life

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A CIVIL servant from Dore in Sheffield led a double life as a fake GP for over 34 years – so he could gain entry to family homes and intimately examine women and children.

Father-of-two Stewart Edwards, aged 65, had been visiting one unsuspecting family for 10 years without suspicion, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Edwards ‘toured’ areas of the city to select specifically Asian women to whom he was attracted, and carried out assaults on women and children of both sexes.

When he was finally arrested, he told police: “You’ve got me. I’m not a real doctor. I’ve tried this before.”

He later added: “I’m glad you caught me. This would have got worse.”

Edwards pleaded guilty to 13 offences – five indecent assaults, two sexual assaults on a child, three counts of sexual activity with a child, one of sexual assault with a male, and two of sexual assault with two separate women – against three victims between 2000 and 2010.

He was jailed for a total of four years.

Samantha Thompson, prosecuting, said: “Stewart Edwards led a double life. To most he was a retired civil servant, a family man and an upstanding member of society, and to others he was their trusted GP.

“In reality Edwards was a predatory offender who thrived on his ability to deceive.”

She said Edwards “posed as a GP, began targeting Asian families”, and gained access to their homes to carry out physical examinations.

Miss Thompson said he would drive around looking for women who caught his eye, and used a notebook to jot down ‘potential targets’. He also went to the library to pick out women from the electoral roll.

When arrested, Edwards was carrying a briefcase containing medical equipment, a folder full of medical questionnaires and a shorthand notebook detailing numerous Sheffield addresses with Asian names.

Some of the names had comments beside them, including: “A very tasty daughter at college. A tasty wife. Tasty.”

When his home was searched, police seized Edwards’ computer and found internet searches for ‘questions doctors ask’.

The court heard one of the boys in the family Edwards had been seeing for a decade believes he was physically examined by the phony GP 20 times.

Edwards was finally arrested in August last year after trying to arrange an appointment with a woman he had examined the month before.

After the first examination she contacted her local doctor’s surgery to ask if they knew a Dr Evans - the name he used. The surgery had no knowledge of him and the police were contacted.

When he phoned her the next month to arrange another appointment at her home, the police were waiting.

Sentencing him, Judge Simon Lawler QC said Edwards had admitted going into ‘the homes of many other people, in a period going back to the late 1970s’.

“Over many years you had a successful career and stable marriage. You then embarked upon this course of action, pretending to be a doctor.”

The court heard Edwards began his deception after the birth of his second child, when his marriage became sexless.

Miss Thompson said pretending to be a GP ‘gave him some relief, as he could talk about sexual matters’.

Edwards confessed that once he had made a visit he wouldn’t think about it again for months - until eventually the urge would return too strongly to ignore.

“He called his behaviour a character quirk,” said Miss Thompson.

She added: “He described having a fixation with Asian women - they were his favourite.”

He was also made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order.