Family ‘absolutely devastated’ by son’s murder in Sheffield

Murder scene: Howcroft Avenue
Murder scene: Howcroft Avenue

THE heartbroken mother of murdered Jamie Stuart said his death had ‘destroyed their lives’.

In a statement read to Sheffield Crown Court, Dawn Gray said she felt ‘devastated’.

“Part of me died with my son,” she said. “It’s a nightmare from which I don’t wake up.

“My son had his life in front of him, and this has destroyed all my family’s lives.”

A further statement on behalf of Jamie’s family said: “We cannot begin to describe the emptiness in our lives. The hardest part is we are never going to see him grow up.

“We’re absolutely devastated by the pain and horror in which our son was so brutally taken.”

Det Insp Kevin Brown, from South Yorkshire Police, said the case highlighted the dangers of youths carrying knives on the streets.

“If you’ve got a knife in your pocket there’s an obvious opportunity to use it, as Parr did that night,” said DI Brown, who led the murder investigation.

“The sentencing will have a massive impact on people in Parson Cross.

“The judge sent out a number of messages that if you carry knives and use them, you will be sentenced to a very long time in prison.”