Fears that access to alcohol is too easy

Ken Curran.
Ken Curran.
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COMMUNITY representatives of the area around the Manor in Sheffield have written to the Prime Minister to raise concerns over the impact on under-age drinking and anti-social behaviour of the “huge” number of local licensed premises.

“Bearing in mind Manor Castle ward is an area of high unemployment and social and economic deprivation, the easy access to alcohol is most unhelpful,” says Ken Curran, who chairs the Manor Assembly.

As well as a “great number” of licensed pre-mises open from the morning until 11pm, there are two stores open 24 hours a day, one “believe it or not”, being a petrol station, he said.

During the warm weather, young people were sleeping and drinking in parks and woodland. Using mobile phones, they could move from one place to another to evade police patrols, says Mr Curran’s letter to David Cameron.

He repeats a message that places such as Manor Castle are “holders of the short straw” as a result of Government cuts.

Many young people are unemployed and face “a very bleak future”, living standards are falling and more people are suffering from stress and depression. “We are the real victims of a failed economic system and crisis we didn’t create,” concludes Mr Curran.