Friends knifed by Sheffield city centre mob

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Courts: News, reaction and more.

TWO men suffered ‘horrific’ stab wounds at the hands of a mob during a night out in Sheffield city centre - in an attack described in court as ‘the most cowardly, despicable group violence’.

Victim Paul Marison and his friend Daniel Mace were each stabbed in the back as they lay curled up in foetal positions on the ground.

A gang of up to eight men attacked them in Holly Lane, near Sheffield City Hall, at 2.20am last June 26, a jury heard.

Mr Marison suffered two stab wounds - one 12cm deep - and had to undergo surgery to have his spleen removed. Mr Mace was stabbed seven times leaving both lungs punctured.

Yousef Alquebeiai, 17, of The Oval, Firth Park; William Maris, 18, of Downham Road, Firth Park; Sheldon Jordan, 17, of City Road; Reece Barnes, 18, of Delves Road, Hackenthorpe; and Jordan Campbell, 21, of Downham Road, Firth Park, all deny two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Ian West, prosecuting at Sheffield Crown Court, said Mr Marison, Mr Mace and Mr Mace’s girlfriend Rebecca Brock were making their way home from a night out when Mr Maris made a ‘throwaway comment’ about rubbish on the ground and picking it up.

He said: “The next thing he knew, he was headbutted or knocked to the floor. Mr Mace threw a punch at the person who attacked Mr Maris and he was then set about very quickly.

“They realised the danger they were in and both went to the floor in the foetal position. These were all stab wounds to the back. There were no injuries to the hands or the front. This was the most cowardly, despicable group violence on two people unknown to them, for no reason at all, who were set about by a group intent on trouble and carrying knives.”

Mr West said it was unclear which men were armed, but a witness had seen two carrying knives. He said earlier the same night one was involved in a fracas with another group and had threatened, ‘I am going to shank you’. Mr West said: “That is street slang or gangster-speak for stabbing.”

He told the jury that after the attack, the mob ambled across Barker’s Pool before walking down Burgess Street and up Wellington Street.

He said: “Any right-thinking member of society would be disgusted at what had taken place and would want nothing to do with those involved but these five chose to stick together. The prosecution say the defendants committed these offences jointly.”

The trial continues.