Greek man demands £560,000 for information about Sheffield’s missing Ben Needham

Kerry Grist Needham, mum of missing Ben Needham.
Kerry Grist Needham, mum of missing Ben Needham.

THE mother of missing Ben Needham has been offered information from a man claiming to know where her son is - but he is demanding more than £560,000 up front.

Little Ben went missing on the Greek island of Kos in 1991 when he was just 21 months old - and despite dozens of possible sightings, no trace of the missing child has ever been found.

His mum Kerry Grist-Needham, from Ecclesfield, who has always believed Ben is alive, has now been contacted by a man in Greece who claims to know the whereabouts of her son.

Kerry, aged 40, told The Star: “I was contacted three weeks ago via a Greek detective agency who got in touch via Ben’s website.

“The man wanted £560,000 - a reward offered 15 years ago by a number of different people and organisations who put together the money.

“But that money is no longer there. I told him I could offer £400,000 - which I don’t have at the moment, but could come up with if it turned out to be Ben.

“But he refused and said he would only accept the full £560,000 - and only up front.

“I’m now completely stranded. There’s no way I can come up with that money.

“He is now withholding evidence and blackmailing. That’s got to be a crime, even in Greece. This has to be taken to a governmental level now.”

Kerry has now enlisted the support of her constituency MP Angela Smith.

Ms Smith said: “I have asked the Foreign Office to use diplomatic channels to try and persuade the Greek authorities to intervene in the situation.”