Gunmen steal OAP’s car

Crime:Latest news.
Crime:Latest news.

A terrified pensioner was held up at gunpoint by carjackers who struck in Sheffield city centre.

They targeted the 71-year-old woman as she returned to her car with her Christmas shopping.

Police said she had just placed her bags in the boot of her car and had got into the driver’s seat when a man opened the passenger side door, brandishing a gun.

He then got into the car, a black Toyota Corolla, and made demands for the OAP’s jewellery.

Another man then got into the back of the car and ordered the petrified pensioner out.

The carjackers then drove off in the direction of St Mary’s Gate.

Detective Inspector Richard Partridge, who is investigating the carjacking, said it was being treated as ‘an isolated incident’.

But he warned motorists to be vigilant.

“It is truly disturbing that anyone out Christmas shopping, especially an elderly woman, could be subjected to such a serious and traumatic crime,” he said.

“At this time, we do believe it is an isolated incident, however I would encourage people to please be aware of your surroundings and be vigilante at this time of year when opportunistic thieves will try to take advantage of people enjoying the festive period.

“Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who may have any information that could assist in locating those responsible, I would urge you to please come forward.

“I would also ask the public to keep a look out for the car, a black Toyota Corolla, registration number NT06 HKG, and that any sightings are reported immediately to the police on 101.”

The two men being hunted by police white and both had their faces partially covered when they struck in Sylvester Street at around 3.45pm on Thursday.

The one carrying the gun was wearing a yellow, hi-vis jacket.

A police spokeswoman said: “A71-year-old woman was robbed and had her car stolen yesterday afternoon in a city centre car park as she returned to her car with her Christmas shopping.

“The woman had returned to Sylvester Street where her car was parked and placed her shopping in the boot of the vehicle.

“She got into her car, a black Toyota Corolla, and while she was sat in the driver’s side, an unknown man opened the passenger door and got into the car.

“He then threatened her with a handgun to hand over her jewellery. Another unknown man then climbed into the rear passenger side of the car and told her to get out.

“The woman got out and the two men then drove off in the direction of St Mary’s Gate.

Witnesses or anyone with information should contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.