Jeweller hurt in knifepoint raid in Sheffield

George Jewellery store
George Jewellery store

A man accused of trying to raid a Sheffield jewellers while wielding a knife was being questioned today by police on suspicion of robbery and assault.

The attempted robbery happened at George jewellery shop in Glossop Road, Broomhill.

George Jewellery store

George Jewellery store

The 59-year-old owner of the store - identified by locals as a man named George - was attacked during the incident and left with neck and ear injuries.

He was taken to hospital, though his wounds are not thought to be serious.

Police officers were called to the store and arrested a 48-year-old man on suspicion of robbery and assault.

He was still being questioned last night.

The force is appealing for witnesses who may have seen the incident, at 3.50pm on Saturday, to come forward.

Alex Kelsey, aged 21, was in the Broomhill Tavern opposite when the incident happened.

Though he did not see the incident itself, he said the area has been targeted by robbers before.

He said: “It happens all the time. The shop down the road got hit just before Christmas. Just 20 yards up the road they hit a shop. At the pub round the corner they got into the cellar.

“I think it’s because it’s an affluent area.

“George has been at George Jewellery for over 20 years, he’s a really nice bloke. He has been there for many years and has never had a problem.”

Monim Hussein is co-owner at Nibbles Pizza, next door to the jewellers.

He said: “George is a really nice chap, he’s very well known in Broomhill.

“We have worked next door to him for 27 years. This is the first time anything has happened to him.

“He has security and cameras but something must have gone wrong.

“A few months ago there was a robbery at the music shop just up the road, thieves got in there and stole £7,000 of guitars.

“We never have any trouble in here for the last 27 years. It’s a peaceful area.”

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said: “Officers responded to reports of a robbery at George Jewellery, on Glossop Road, Sheffield at 3.50pm on Saturday.

“A 59-year-old man was injured during the incident and was taken to hospital with suspected neck and ear injuries. Police have arrested a 48-year-old man on suspicion of robbery and assault, he is currently in police custody.

“Enquiries are ongoing and officers would like to ask anyone who witnessed the incident to contact police on 101 quoting incident number 779 of March 7.”

Those with information can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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