Jordan Thomas murder: Brother feared ‘retribution’ if he spoke to police about killing

Jordan Thomas, aged 22, who was killed in a shooting incident in Sheffield in December
Jordan Thomas, aged 22, who was killed in a shooting incident in Sheffield in December

The brother of Sheffield murder victim Jordan Thomas has revealed he feared ‘retribution’ against his family if he gave evidence to the police about the killing.

Aidan Thomas-Boswell told Sheffield Crown Court he did not give information to the police for months after his brother was shot dead by a masked gunman on Derek Dooley Way because he believed it could put the rest of the family ‘in jeopardy’.

The scene of the murder on Derek Dooley Way

The scene of the murder on Derek Dooley Way

Wearing an ‘RIP Jordan’ T-shirt under a hooded sweatshirt as he gave evidence yesterday, Mr Thomas-Boswell said he eventually came forward to prevent his brother’s killers ‘getting away with it’.

Jordan was shot twice in the chest as the car he was in stopped at traffic lights on Derek Dooley Way on December 21 last year.

Two men, Jama Ahmed and Asif Yousaf, are now on trial for the murder and it is the prosecution’s case they were part of a ‘planned attack’ on Jordan following a long-running feud between ‘rival groups’.

In a statement he made on March 12, two days after Ahmed had been arrested on suspicion of murder, Mr Thomas-Boswell made his first statement to police.

Dexter Dias QC, representing Ahmed, suggested the reason for the delay was because his statement was ‘lies’.

But Mr Thomas-Boswell said: “I was grieving for my brother. The place where I am from you are not supposed to be telling on anybody.”

Bryan Cox QC, for the prosecution, later asked why there had been a delay.

Mr Thomas-Boswell said it was ‘fear of retribution’.

He said: “I didn’t want to put the whole family in jeopardy of something happening to them. We had seen what had happened to Jordan.

“I could see the heartache and pain they were going through.

“I wanted to get involved at the right time to make a statement. I don’t go to Pitsmoor because there are lots of people not happy about me making a statement.

“Nobody understands the pain me and my family went through. It is the right thing to do to tell the police what’s happened.

“It is not fair for the killers to get away with it.”

Mr Thomas-Boswell said in his police statement that Jordan had previously told him he had beaten up Ahmed’s younger brother ‘quite badly’ at a bus stop a few weeks before the shooting.

He also said he had been told Ahmed had been involved in making telephone threats about Jordan the day before the killing.

He said it came after both Jordan and Ahmed had been involved in a confrontation between the rival groups at the Forward nightclub in Sheffield city centre the night before.

But under cross-examination from Mr Dias, Mr Thomas-Boswell admitted he could not recall any specific past examples of Ahmed threatening Jordan and had not directly heard any threat made about him in the days before his death.

Ahmed, 26, of Violet Bank Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield, and Yousaf, 33, of Broomhall Place, both deny his murder and the attempted murder of Neshaun Ferguson, who was also injured in the shooting.

Yousaf’s parents, Mohammed Yousaf, 61, and Tazeem Bi, 57, both of Violet Bank Road, both deny attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The trial continues.