Junkie burgled own aunt’s home

Crime news
Crime news

A heroin addict burgled his disabled auntie’s home and stole a TV to raise funds to feed his addiction.

Richard Landrygan, aged 44, smashed a rear door, took a new £297 TV and searched rooms in the bungalow at Sycamore Avenue, Kiveton Park.

He was arrested after his fingerprints were found on a carrier bag in the home, Louise Gallagher, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court.

Landrygan, of no fixed address, claimed his auntie Rosalind Warner was lying and he regularly visited her and ran errands.

But Miss Warner told police officers he had not been to her house for three years after her mother died.

“He wasn’t allowed into her house because she considered him a criminal and a drug addict,” said Miss Gallagher.

Landrygan, who has 31 previous convictions mainly for dishonesty, admitted burglary.

Andrew Swaby, defending, said Landrygan had been a drug addict for more than 20 years but was now on a methadone programme in jail where he was on remand.

Judge Julian Goose jailed Landrygan for 15 months and said: “You targeted the home of your elderly aunt who was a vulnerable complainant.

“You stole the new TV and searched the property and the effect of what you did was considerable upon your victim.

“As you know she has struggled with a long-term illness which affected her breathing and she had to be taken to hospital.

“She says she was devastated by what occurred and she lived alone at that property.”