Known criminals to feel the heat

Police are using automatic number plate recognition cameras across Sheffield to help target known criminals as part of an autumn crackdown.

They are also focusing in crime hotspots and working with the probation service to monitor criminals at the end of their prison sentences.

It is all part of Operation K2, a blitz on burglary and car crime at a time of year that often sees a surge in offences, partly down to the return of students to Sheffield, resulting in more potential victims.

So far police are making 10 arrests a day and they have seized £1.3m worth of drugs, cars, suspected stolen property and cash.

Chief Insp Jayne Forrest, who is overseeing the operation, said: “We are determined this year to do all we can to prevent that annual spike through a series of tactics.”

The crackdown would be “relentless”, and the results evaluated in the New Year.