Murder accused ‘tried to stop killing of Sheffield takeaway driver’

A man accused of murdering a pizza delivery driver has said he was at the scene of the stabbing - but tried to prevent the fatal attack.

Shamraze Khan said he had witnessed his cousin Kasim Ahmed stabbing 25-year-old Thavisha Peiris with a knife after Ahmed got into an argument with the Domino’s worker when he pulled over to ask for directions.

But Khan, 26, of Southey Crescent, said he had played no part in the murder and at one stage had attempted to pull Ahmed off Peiris as he repeatedly stabbed the delivery driver, who was working his last shift before starting a job as an IT consultant, on October 27 last year.

Khan told Sheffield Crown Court he had gone out with Ahmed, who has already pleaded guilty to murder, to buy cigarettes and milk from a petrol station.

He said he had been walking ahead when Ahmed, aged 18 and also of Southey Crescent, had got into an argument with Peiris, kicking him back into the car when the delivery driver attempted to get out of his vehicle.

Khan said: “Kasim put his body inside the car and I assume they were fighting. At that point I heard a scream. I ran towards the car and I saw Kasim had a knife in his hand. He was stabbing the victim.”

Khan said he tried pulling Ahmed away but could not as his cousin was in a ‘frenzy’.

He said that after returning home he had gone upstairs and started crying from shock. The court heard that on the day after the murder Khan had sent a series of texts to a former girlfriend, in which he said ‘I need to hand myself in’ and ‘I have done summat very bad’.

Khan said he had been in shock and over-exaggerated his role in the situation when he sent the texts.

“My head was all over the place,” he said.

“It was the heat of the moment and I made it look worse than it was to make her come down and see me.”

He said he had been asking her to bring him cocaine so he could ‘shut my head down’ to get over the shock of the murder. The trial continues.