Murder probe detectives follow up new leads

a NEW appeal for information on the 10th anniversary of the murder of South Yorkshire teenager Lindsey Scholes led to detectives uncovering 15 new pieces of information.

Detectives used the anniversary of 17-year-old Lindsey’s death to hand out flyers and display posters in Royston, Barnsley, urging anyone with information to come forward.

Lindsey was with friends at a house on Milgate Road, Royston, when a fire was started at the front door which ripped through the house, leaving her fatally injured.

Det Supt James Abdy said: “So far we have received in excess of 15 pieces of information from the anniversary appeal, which have generated new lines of investigation.

“This is very encouraging and reiterates our belief that the answer to this case rests in or around the local community of Royston from 2001.

“People from the community are telling us what they know and I hope this will persuade others who may also be holding vital information to come forward.

“In particular, I would like to appeal to anyone who is protecting the person responsible for this horrific attack to come forward and talk to us.

“You may not have wished to speak out in 2001 but 10 years on this is your opportunity to tell us what you know.”

n Contact the investigation team on 01709 44354.