Police in week of action at level crossings in South Yorkshire

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Extra police patrols will be carried out at level crossings in South Yorkshire this week in a bid to reduce the number of motorists who fail to stop at signals.

Operation Look, run by British Transport Police, is a week of action across the country mounted after it emerged there were 3,615 offences at crossings last year.

Incidents ranged from trespass to failing to stop at signals.

Inspector Becky Warren, of British Transport Police, said: “We will not hesitate to enforce the law, but convincing people to change their habits at crossings is a vital part of what we do.

“We spend a lot of time talking to schools and businesses about the importance of safe level crossing use, and we want to use this week to engage with the public who use level crossings on a daily basis.”

Darren Furness, head of level crossings at Network Rail said: “Britain has one of the safest railway networks in the world however, level crossings do pose a risk and everyone needs to take care when crossing.

“Alongside British Transport Police, our awareness campaigns aim to help everyone who uses level crossings, be that people on foot, bike or car, know the risks that exist and how to use crossings safely so that they can cross with confidence.”