Police post candidate pledges to take prompt action on antisocial behaviour

Shaun Wright
Shaun Wright

THE Labour candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner vacancy in South Yorkshire has pledged that all victims of anti-social behaviour will get a response from the police within 24 hours.

Shaun Wright, who is a magistrate and a councillor for the Rawmarsh and Parkgate ward in Rotherham, made his vow after the Government announced plans which he claims will leave police forces with less power to deal with nuisance and anti-social behaviour and leave people waiting longer for a response.

The Government wants to scrap anti-social behaviour orders and make victims wait until they have made three separate complaints about anti-social behaviour before they get a police response.

He said the Government is also making it more difficult for the police to get CCTV cameras to prevent anti-social behaviour by wrapping up the process in red tape following the introduction of the Government’s Protection of Freedoms Act.

And Councillor Wright said Government funding cuts, leading to the loss of over 400 police officers posts in South Yorkshire, will mean fewer bobbies to tackle anti-social behaviour.

If appointed as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner in the election in November, Coun Wright has pledged to work with the Chief Constable to ensure all victims of anti-social behaviour get a police response within 24 hours and he said he will fight for ASBOs to be kept.

He said: “The Tories are weakening action on anti-social behaviour, scrapping ASBOs for weaker measures and making people wait longer for a response.

“People in South Yorkshire know that’s not good enough. I will work with our Chief Constable to ensure victims get a swift response within 24 hours.

“The Tories have weakened police powers to deal with offenders blighting the lives of people in their community and are pushing through irresponsible and damaging cuts to police numbers.”